Samuel Hallerud


Tourist's World Of Silence

Busy world of chicago can be also a very silent world as well.


The animals have personalities of their own..

Diecut Model Of Party Guide Gum

This gum will take your taste buds to another level.

Bkreative Logo Design

Designed this logo as a favor to a fellow co-workers side business.

Hotel Senico Del Ria

School project on designing a marketing campaign for a made up vacation resort. Designed many things such as brochures website etc.. (clicking this image will bring up the sample website created.)

Bluburd Logo Design

Fun little play around with a logo design. Blubird was a pretend make up company for a graphic design firm for a school project.

Suzie's Landscape Design

Very first freelance website design for compensation. The photography shown in this layout was all done by suzie.

Nielson Hall Ghosts

Little mysterious guests showed up at the college today as I headed to work on an assignment.

Traffic Problems

Many people are worried about cars being the one causing traffic. Today it seems as if they was another problem encountered.